Education is transforming lives in South Sudan!

Mathon (left) and Sebastian (right).

Mathon (left) and Sebastian (right).


Dreams can come true! Sebastian Maroundit's and Mathon Noi’s dream of building a primary school for the children in their home village, Mayen Abun, has been realized beyond their wildest dreams. Thanks to the generous donors and supporters of Building Minds in South Sudan (BMISS), there are now a primary school for boys and girls, a primary school for girls, and a high school. 

Sebastian and Mathon value an education because their own began in a refugee camp in Kenya and were completed in the United States.  








Nine hundred (900) boys and girls attend the Ajong Primary School complex completed in 2015.  When construction began in 2012, two hundred forty (240) boys were attending.  The school now has the largest enrollment of any primary school in all of South Sudan.






The second dream, an all girls school, Majok-Keen Primary School was completed in 2018. Eight hundred thirteen (813) girls attend the school which has a female staff and principal,