A Wonderful Program!
Today I heard and saw a wonderful program at my Rotary Club meeting, and that does not happen enough at all clubs. I heartily recommend “Building Minds in South Sudan” presented by Sebastian Maroundit. He is one of “the Lost Boys” from Sudan and is now building schools in South Sudan. He is much more interesting than I can briefly present. Our club was absolutely silent when he spoke. That was a first. Q & A was very active. Worth your time.
— Gaven Hurley, Past Governor, Rotary District 7120
Hornell Middle School
My students and I are so lucky to have met you and Sebastian. You both left a lasting impression on us. The reality of life in Sudan and the hardships that others face in the world are such eye-opening experiences for students. The connections my students made are priceless. They were fully engaged in all that you both had to say. The only complaint that I have heard, is that they didn’t get enough time with you both! I truly believe my students would have listened to the two of you speak for hours :) If there is ever a time that I can help with the organization, BMISS, please let me know. I would be honored to help Sebastian’s dream continue. He is truly an inspiration for all of us.
Thank you again for your visit. I hope you will return to Hornell next year for my future group of students, as we learn about Sudan.
— Jamie, 7th Grade Teacher

From Hillel Community Day School:

Thank you so much for taking the time to come talk to us at Hillel Community Day School about Building Minds in South Sudan. Our students were so affected by hearing Sebastian's story and hearing about the amazing work you are doing in South Sudan.  After you left, we had our students write reflections about what they heard.  Here are some excerpts from what they wrote:

I learned that South Sudan was not such a good place to live, but Sebastian is doing all that he can to make it better. He is building schools and raising a lot of money to help those schools. I also think that he is a great person for doing that after what happened to him in his childhood.
— 6th Grader
Sebastian is doing a huge mitzvah for the world with Building Minds in South Sudan.
— 8th Grader
You never really understand how lucky you are to have pencils and schools until you realize what other people don’t have. I also have a newfound respect for people like Sebastian who don’t give up and turn out to be what they could never think of.
— 8th Grader
I felt very touched (by) Sebastian’s story and by the story of the kids learning under the tree, then learning inside but without food, transportation there, a latrine, and WITHOUT BOOKS! How do they survive 5-mile walks to school, no food for almost a full day, no water, no bathroom, and NO BOOKS?! And they still think they are lucky! It really touched my heart. . . I want to help them and GIVE THEM BOOKS!
— 7th Grader (who loves to read)
I used to complain about school, but now I’m going to be more thankful for what I have, because I know that a kid somewhere else would happily take my spot.
— 8th Grader