Majok-Keen Primary School for Girls

For cultural reasons, many Dinka parents will only send their daughters to a girls only school.  These girls face dire challenges: early arranged marriage, domestic violence, families who force daughters to stay home to fetch food and water, grind grain, cook and take care of siblings.  For many parents, the goal for their daughters is to bring a good cow bride price.  BMISS hopes to assist these girls in their desire and vision to change that pattern through education.

The mothers and daughters of the village have asked Sebastian and Mathon to build “brick and mortar” classrooms to replace their “under tree” Majok-Keen Primary School.  The women of the village made bricks in anticipation of a new school.  A ground breaking ceremony was held in January, 2016 as the beginning of first phase of construction.   The foundation for four classrooms and two complete classrooms were built in spring, 2016.  

 Thanks to a $124,000 grant from the Creative Ministries Offering Committee of Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other generous BMISS donors, it is hoped the Majok-Keen Primary School can be completed in 2017.